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Savance's Electronic Mustering Technology in the Oil & Gas Industry

Second Opportunity to Market & Promote Electronic Emergency Mustering Solution to the Oil & Gas Industry

Savance EIOBoard Electronic Emergency Mustering Use by Transocean

Savance EIOBoard Electronic Emergency Mustering Use by Transocean

Another great visit to the oil and gas capital of the world, Houston, TX, for the 2018 Dynamic Positioning (DP) Conference. For Savance, it means our 2nd opportunity to present our electronic mustering solution to a large group of folks in the oil and gas industry. The industry has been seeing steady increases swinging back from a huge downturn from a few years back, and seem extremely optimistic about the future. Many attendees stopped by excited to see new exhibitors like us and said it was great to see new technology that can revolutionize the way mustering is handled. I was most surprised to hear that the words "no more t-cards" was about as moving as "you just won the lottery".

It was a pleasure to have Captain Steve Walker at our side helping us spread the news about our solution to the oil and gas industry as well as personally helping me translate all the acronyms. DP, BV, MA, etc. It's one thing to visit from the North and decipher accents from the South, but mix in people from all over the world and then toss in a bunch of industry acronyms, and I needed Captain Steve just to make sense of the conversation half the time. We're proud to have him on our side. There is no better person to tell people about mustering than a respected captain that's dealt with emergency management and mustering challenges first-hand, sought after a solution for years, and now has the chance to share his true excitement and passion for the end result that he was involved in perfecting. I love that he calls it the culmination of his life's work. It definitely shows! I thought I told a good story about how awesome the system is - but I deferred to him every time, because there just is no comparison.

Thank you for everyone who stopped by to learn about Savance's mustering technology. We look forward to many more years in your industry!