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in the Savance Workplace Team

Savance has an opening for a Deployment Project Manager in the Savance Workplace product team. To apply, email resume and cover letter to:, attn. Steve Bardocz, with the subject line “Deployment Project Manager.”

The Company

Savance is a fast-paced, dynamic and challenging software development company located in Commerce, MI. For more information on Savance Workplace business solutions, see our Savance Workplace website. We take a very collaborative approach to our work and seek candidates who are the right cultural and technical fit to ensure our core mission of creating and supporting great software is realized. To excel at Savance, you must love to be challenged, seek out opportunities to develop your skills, be confident yet humble, and be able to learn from your mistakes. We thrive on smart, independent, and initiative-taking people who get along well with others. We expect a lot from our team, but a lot is offered in return. If you have a can-do attitude and seek a challenging, rewarding position with a great team, Savance is the place for you!

Position Overview:

Savance’s Deployment Project Manager is responsible for the post-sales deployment and implementation of Savance Workplace software and solutions. This starts by preparing for and leading a kick-off call and continues through a comprehensive process to a successful deployment. This role involves working closely with customers, sales, support, implementation, design, and sometimes development to ensure success at every level for the customer and the company. The Deployment Project Manager must become the user’s internal advocate, helping to ensure an excellent Savance Workplace experience, and gathering feedback on ways that Savance can build the next generation of user-centric solutions at a higher deployment velocity.

Job Responsibilities:

    • Lead the Post-sale Process – Navigate the customer from the kick-off call to a successful deployment and beyond to ensure retention and value
    • Be a Savance Customer Advocate – Share customer feedback and insights to Product Manager, Management, Engineering, Support, Marketing, and Sales on the innovation and improvement needed to optimize the Savance user experience
    • Drive Overall Account Health – Secure strong relationships at all levels to maximize product adoption, usage, value, growth, renewal, payment performance, referrals, and overall customer satisfaction.
Tasks Handled by Deployment Project Management
  • New Customer Deployments
    • Kick off call – schedule, prepare for, and host kick-off call
    • Manage deployment project by coordinating internal resources to order hardware and notify client of shipments and delays (sales admin), complete design (designer), and deploy/train solution (support/implementation team)
    • Engage the customer to keep the project moving and keep a pulse on their overall satisfaction level throughout the lifecycle of the deployment
  • Manage Deployment Queue
    • Make sure customer deployments are being handled
    • Make sure hardware is getting ordered, tracking info sent, onboarding training held, proper documentation and instructions are sent
    • Coordinate with technical deployment resources to ensure customer deployments are handled promptly
    • Create and manage dashboards to understand and improve on KPIs
  • Watch Over Support Queue
    • Assist support lead ensure customer support tickets are being handled in a timely manner
    • Escalate tickets as needed
    • Assist support lead in creating and managing dashboards to understand and improve on KPIs as they relate to customer support and overall customer satisfaction

Required Education/Experience:

We are looking for someone with:

  • 4+ years of experience excelling in a client-facing role, ideally customer success
  • The ability to prioritize and manage several projects and tasks simultaneously
  • The ability to manage relationships with large, global, and complex organizations
  • The ability to work with a technical product
  • A sophisticated technical and business sense to quickly identify and understand a client’s pain points and needs to empathize, drive value, and achieve results
  • A track record of leading technical conversations and persuading others to take action
  • Strong organizational skills who never leaves tasks lingering and removes obstacles preventing completion.
  • Strong analytical skills and a drive to succeed and grow.
  • Strong presence and presentation skills, taking charge of meetings particularly for live meetings with multiple stakeholders
  • A history of success as a consultant, pre-sales, technical account management, or equivalent
  • A proven track record of achieving targets and goals, preferably in a business setting
  • A proven track record of managing large, complex projects and/or programs
  • The ability to handle difficult customers or situations and can demonstrate resolutions
  • A willingness to tackle things on your own
  • A natural ability to work with cross-department peers
  • An ability to navigate data and people to find answers
  • A capability to work well with a wide range of people, both internally and externally
  • The motivation and flexibility to work well in a dynamic environment where things change quickly
  • The ability to learn quickly and be efficient
  • The experience and ability to effectively and efficiently use software tools like Asana, G-Suite, Pipedrive (CRM), Microsoft Office, etc.

Critical Attributes:

  • Organized – with so many activities and action items to stay on top of, organization is key.
  • Computer Savvy – we’re a tech company, so the higher tech you are, the better you’ll be for this position.
  • Strong Communicator – good written and oral communications are imperative. English and grammar need to be impeccable.
  • Problem-Solver – day-to-day activities involve problems that need to be solved, and our clients are looking for solutions to their problems.
  • Self-Motivated – we don’t micromanage, and you’ll be expected to oversee and execute many functions.
  • Quick Learner – we expect you to come up to speed quickly.
  • Trustworthy – you will have direct access to key customers. You will also have the ability to work from home, so you must be trusted on multiple levels.
  • Confident – sometimes we don’t sugar coat feedback, so you have to have thick skin or get it right the first time.
  • Great Work Ethic – someone who has passion for their work, takes pride in what they do, and does what it takes to get the job done rather than someone who is looking for a standard 9-5.
  • Versatile – can wear many hats and take on many tasks.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Competitive salary plus performance bonuses
  • 2 weeks of PTO
  • 8-10 paid holidays per year
  • 401K with employer match
  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • Casual office environment for those in-office or hybrid
  • Ability to work 100% remote

Main Office Location:

2655 E. Oakley Park Rd. Ste 210, Commerce Township, MI 48390

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