Junior Sales Representative

in the Savance Workplace Team

Savance has an opening for a Junior Sales Representative in the Savance Workplace product team. To apply, email resume and cover letter to: hr@savance.com, attn. Steve Bardocz.

The Company

Savance is a fast-paced, dynamic, challenging, and demanding environment, but also a really fun and rewarding place to work. We are very much a team and seek candidates who are the right fit with the right attitude to bring even greater success and camaraderie to the table. To excel at Savance, you must love to be challenged, seek out opportunities to develop your skills, be confident yet humble, and be able to learn from your mistakes. We thrive on smart, independent, and self-motivated people who get along well with others. We expect a lot from our team but a lot is offered in return. We offer partial or full remote work opportunities. For those that opt to work locally in Michigan, Savance offers a high-end, modern office with a casual dress code, well-stocked snacks, and an Xbox on a 70″ screen – all in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Most importantly, you’ll receive recognition for a job well done (with performance bonuses as a monetary token of appreciation). If you have a can-do attitude and seek a challenging, rewarding position with a great team, Savance is the place for you!

Position Overview:

The Junior Sales Representative will function on a multi-disciplinary level – consisting of sales, business development, and admin-related activities in a B2B sales process. The key function of this position is to support all sales-oriented objectives for Savance Workplace.

Job Responsibilities:

In this role, you will focus on many tasks including, but not limited to::

  • Nurturing warm leads
    • Scheduling and handling the initial discovery call
    • Researching inbound leads to identify the type of customer, key selling points, and solutions they might be candidates for
    • Scheduling demos for Sales Executives
    • Following up with leads and making sure that they are getting proper attention
    • Putting together proposals and diagrams for dealers and customers
    • Creating invoices for customers and dealers
    • Ensuring all records are up to date in the CRM
  • Sales and partner development
    • Targeting specific businesses, industries, and roles with high potential
    • Leading outreach efforts in order to connect with and qualify prospects
    • Building relationships with potential customers and dealers
    • Targeting and upselling existing customers and dealers
  • Uploading recorded meetings and conversations and classifying/organizing them
  • Uploading recorded phone calls from our phone system to our call recording portal


This is the type of person we’re looking for:

  • Organized – with so many customers, dealers, and leads to stay on top of, organization is key
  • Tenacious – it is a tireless job getting in touch with the right person, building relationships, and facilitating the logistics of sales and business development
  • Personable – must be able to make quick and strong connections with people, build relationships, be easily approachable and likable to and gather information for new opportunities
  • Strong Communicator – good written and oral communications are imperative. English and grammar need to be impeccable in order to properly articulate our value proposition
  • Creative – not afraid to give suggestions or take feedback, and then run with them
  • Problem-Solver – day-to-day activities involve problems that need to be solved, and our prospects are looking for solutions to their problems. You have to be able to get to the root of their pain points.
  • Self-motivated – we don’t micromanage, and you’ll be expected to oversee and execute many tasks without supervision
  • Quick learner – we expect you to come up to speed quickly
  • Trustworthy – you will have direct access to key customers and dealers. You will also have the ability to work from home, so you must be trusted on multiple levels
  • Confident – we don’t sugar coat feedback, so you have to have thick skin or get it right the first time
  • Great work ethic – someone who has passion for their work, takes pride in what they do, and does what it takes to get the job done rather than someone who is looking for a standard 9-5
  • Computer Savvy – we’re a tech company, so the higher tech you are, the better you’ll be for this position


What is NOT important:

This position doesn’t require a ton of experience – what we are trying to find is someone with potential, a good head on their shoulders, great work ethic, and a desire to excel at whatever they do. No degree required.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Base salary $30-40k or $15-20/hr with bonuses and commission potentially reaching 50k+ annually
  • 2 weeks of paid time off
  • 8-10 paid holidays a year
  • 401k with company matching
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Option/ability to work remotely

Main Office Location:

Our office is located at the below address; however, this position has the option of being 100% remote.

2655 E. Oakley Park Rd. Ste 210, Commerce Township, MI 48390

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