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In the hopes of finding a future rockstar, Savance is always considering Software & Support Interns. To apply, email resume and cover letter to:

The Company

Savance is a fast-paced, dynamic, challenging, and demanding environment but also a fun and rewarding place to work. We are very much a team and seek candidates who are the right fit with the right attitude to bring even greater success and camaraderie to the table. To excel at Savance, you must love to be challenged, seek out opportunities to develop your skills, be confident yet humble, and be able to learn from your mistakes. We thrive on smart, independent, and self-motivated people who get along well with others. We expect a lot from our team but a lot is offered in return. We have frequent performance bonuses, plenty of snacks stocked in the breakroom, a casual dress code, an Xbox One on a 70″ screen to decompress on breaks or after work, and —most importantly— consistent recognition for a job well done. If you have a can-do attitude and seek a challenging, rewarding position with a great team, Savance is the place for you!

Position Overview:

If you’ve tinkered with computers, taught yourself a computer language for fun, or automated something just for the challenge, you might be the perfect candidate for this opportunity. First and foremost, we are looking for someone who is addicted to computers and drawn to programming. This role is where most of our new products and features start and where we ideally like to groom our future employees into successful careers. From R&D to development to testing and roll-out, you’ll have a chance to be a part of all phases of the software development process.


  • Possess strong problem-solving skills
  • Grasp the big picture of a project, yet be able to break it down to accomplish the task
  • Ability to accomplish a lot in a short timeframe
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Extremely hard-working
  • Quick learner
  • Good writing and oral communications skills
  • Self-learner and self-motivated
  • Software development and/or testing experience a plus
  • Ability to work with the customers directly a plus
  • Computer and IT experience a plus

Job Responsibilities:

  • R&D. Work with devices and hardware or new software APIs to research and develop in order to report the advantages, disadvantages, and difficulty level of certain technology.
  • Software Development. Design, support, and develop software.
  • Code Fixes. Improve on existing code by working on customer requests and reported bugs.
  • Projects. Define requirements, research methods to accomplish tasks, break down the project and create a timeline, coordinate internal and external resources to help accomplish the goal, and deliver on or before the deadline.
  • Testing. Work with development and QA to architect software test plans and execute on them. Fix issues as they arise.
  • Release. Work with customers to release and debug new releases and modules.
  • Improve. Work directly with management to offer suggestions and develop solutions for internal and customer process improvement.
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