Technical Product Manager

in the Savance Workplace Team

Savance has an opening for a Technical Product Manager in the Savance Workplace product team. To apply, email resume and cover letter to:


Job Title:

Technical Product Manager


Remote/Home office



Salary Range:

$100,000+ based on qualifications/experience

What We Are Looking For:

We envision someone who has experience gained as a consultant or working for a larger enterprise organization. Maybe you are tired of the large enterprise red tape and feel like it’s hard to make an impact where you’re at, or maybe you are looking around for a different opportunity within a smaller organization. If you are looking to bring your experience and expertise to a smaller team where you can make a difference and see major impacts from your contributions, this is the role for you.

About Savance:

Savance is a fast-paced, dynamic, challenging, and demanding environment; and also a fun and rewarding place to work. We thrive as a team and are always looking for the people who are the right fit and have the right attitude to bring even greater success and camaraderie to the table. To excel at Savance, you must love to be challenged, seek out opportunities to develop your skills, be confident yet humble, and be able to learn from your mistakes. We thrive working alongside smart, independent, and self-motivated people who get along well with others. If you have a can-do attitude and seek a challenging, rewarding position with a great team, Savance is the place for you!

What Makes This Opportunity Unique:

This position will help lead the development efforts for one of Savance’s core products, Savance Workplace, focusing on visitor management, emergency mustering, and workforce management. Your role involves collaborating with our customers to understand their needs, documenting those requirements, guiding the product development journey, and facilitating effective communication and teamwork among our software engineers. You will be responsible for spearheading the development and testing process and consolidating information across multiple teams and departments in order to maximize efficiency.

This role will be pivotal in bridging the gap between the business and the technical aspects of development. You will be responsible for ensuring that deadlines are met. You will also be responsible for designing and implementing the goals for the software development projects your team is in charge of. It will be your task to ensure that the software meets the proper requirements and adheres to standards you will help define and enforce. As a technical product manager, it may fall on you to occasionally code aspects of the software, as well as instruct team members on how to implement the proper code into the solution. You will oversee all aspects of the development life cycle, which means that solid communication, leadership, and mentorship skills are required for this position.

What You Will Be Doing:

  • Effectively convey technical details to a wide spectrum of cross-functional teams and leadership.
  • Provide technical leadership and guidance to the organization.
  • Oversee, create, and implement software products and applications.
  • Research and implement new technologies to lead product innovation.
  • Plan, direct, and coordinate development actions and efforts within Savance Workplace.
  • Guide development team through in-depth design discussions aimed at fulfilling functional and business requirements.
  • Serve as the subject matter expert and requirements leader.
  • Align product strategies with business objectives and customer needs.
  • Design, develop, validate, deploy, and maintain various applications and interfaces using current company processes, style guidelines, and technology.
  • Help define and comply with defined quality assurance practices and documentation.
  • Assure the team delivers on schedule with high quality and reliability metrics.
  • Lead internal and external calls, effectively communicating the status of multiple simultaneous projects and/or initiatives.
  • Review change requests and support cases to remain familiar with key customer concerns and high impact support issues.
  • Help project manager as needed in scheduling resources and planning out sprints and releases.
  • Own and define the product roadmap and work with the project manager and marketing team to define release schedule.
  • Participate in user focus groups and other user-centered design activities as needed, including writing user stories.

Qualifications & Expectations

  • Strong technical background coupled with deep understanding of the software product development life cycle.
  • 4+ years of SaaS enterprise development experience, ideally with Azure.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong collaboration, leadership, and negotiation skills.
  • Proficient in comprehending customer needs and transforming them into actionable product specifications.
  • Solid critical-thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Proficient in finding creative solutions to complex problems.
  • Ability to perform thorough requirements analysis – knowledge of the principles and methods to identify, analyze, specify, design, and manage functional and infrastructure requirements; includes translating functional requirements into technical requirements.
  • Expertise in programming and debugging, with deep experience in the Microsoft stack specifically C#.
  • Experience with operating systems, computer architecture, and networking.
  • Understanding of Cloud Computing architecture and programming strategies – candidates with experience migrating/converting solutions from on-prem to cloud-hosted environments preferred.
  • SQL Server database – proficiency in query optimization and structuring data for scalability preferred.
  • Experience designing and deploying high availability and highly scalable systems.
  • Strong JS skills – Working knowledge and understanding of Angular 6.0+ preferred, experience with React, VUE and other JS frameworks and libraries also helpful.
  • Experience cultivating and developing JS libraries for internal development teams to streamline development and reduce code duplication.
  • Experience with push notifications and WebSockets in HTTP web development for mobile apps and web applications.
  • Experience with .Net Framework and .Net+, for both web and desktop apps.

Our Ideal Candidate Is:

  • Passionate – natural born passion for software development and engineering.
  • Extremely Hard-Working & Dedicated – shows relentless effort, grit, and determination.
  • Committed to Excellence – demonstrated achievement in previous engagements.
  • Organized & Focused – can manage multiple tasks and stick to deadlines.
  • Self-Motivated – works independently without the need to be micromanaged.
  • Problem-Solver – identifies problems; determines accuracy and relevance of information; uses sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives, and to make recommendations.
  • Attentive to Detail – thorough when performing work and conscientious about attending to detail.
  • Test-First Mindset – knowledge of the principles, methods, and tools for analyzing and developing test processes in order to deliver developer-tested and QA tested applications ready for production use.
  • Customer-Focused – works with existing and prospective clients to assess their needs, resolve issues, satisfy their expectations, and is committed to providing quality products and services; can work directly with clients to build customer loyalty.
  • Team-Oriented – fosters commitment and team spirit; encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity; manages group processes; works with others to achieve goals.

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, systems engineering, or a related field from a four-year college or university plus 4-5 years related experience in a senior or lead software development role, or 8-10 years experience.
  • 2+ years of experience in managing, mentoring, and leading software engineers.
  • Understanding and application of the product development lifecycle.
  • Excellent software project management skills.
  • The following certifications are a plus: Microsoft, A+, Project Management Professional (PMP), and Software Engineering Master Certification (SEMC).

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Salary based on experience, $100,000+
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • 2 weeks of paid time off
  • 8-10 paid holidays a year
  • 401k with company matching
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
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