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The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires all organizations to have a plan for workplace emergencies and evacuations. Yet, so many businesses don't. Are you able to account for all employees in the event of a catastrophic incident?

The Savance Emergency Mustering solution was designed with business emergency situations in mind, and will help you meet the new regulations. Using a Windows tablet or laptop device, a designated safety officer has a simple, up-to-the minute tool for roll call during fire drills or emergency evacuations. It is an affordable and easy-to-use software-based solution that can be customized to suit the needs of any organization.

100% Emergency Peace-of-Mind

Many organizations use personnel paper logs to take roll call during an evacuation. Would you stake your life on a manually-updated paper log? What if employees come and go out of an alternative door? What about guests, delivery drivers, and contractors?

In a true emergency, lives are at stake. Each and every person must be accounted for quickly and accurately. The Savance emergency management software system is designed to enable you to do so with 100% accuracy. This is critical to enable firefighters and EMTs to do their job effectively.

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View employee location at time of emergency

Select Benefits

With the Savance Emergency Mustering software solution, companies can:

  • Conduct a standard accountability reporting roll call, with real-time data.
  • Get immediate access to employees' personal emergency contact information.
  • Filter employees based on status (in the office, on break, on vacation, offsite, off work, etc.).
  • Track each person’s location when the emergency occurred (building, floor, room, etc.).
  • Give employees the peace of mind that they will be 100% accounted for, should an emergency occur.
View employee location at time of emergency

How Savance Emergency Mustering Works

The Savance Emergency Mustering system lists everyone that was signed in or out at the moment of the emergency. The Safety Officer knows who's out to lunch or on vacation, and who was at their workstation. They will also know if there were any guests in the building. When employees move from area to area, or come and go, the software automatically syncs with the mobile device/tablet running Savance Emergency Mustering. The Safety Officer can communicate with emergency workers to pinpoint a person's last known location.

The Savance Emergency Mustering software is hosted on any Windows-based tablet or laptop device. The system syncs with an electronic status board over WiFi or a wired network at customizable intervals. When the device is disconnected, it goes into offline mode and ceases to synchronize until it is reconnected. In the case of an emergency, all that the Safety Officer needs to do is grab the mobile device on his or her way out.

Savance & the EIOBoard Line of Products

Founded in 1998, Savance’s primary focus is to effectively use technology to streamline, automate and simplify business processes. Savance’s customizable and fully scalable software solutions allow users to achieve higher levels of productivity, communication, security, and accountability. Our Emergency Mustering solution is part of the EIOBoard line of products, which also includes Electronic Whiteboards, Staff Tracking, Time & Attendance, Visitor Management, Access Control, and more. All EIOBoard solutions offer full support for any access control system, and are available as a 30 day free trial.

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